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Ninja Selling

Ninja Selling is a proven real estate sales system that has over 25,000 graduates over a 20 plus year period of time.  


The goal of the program is to help licensed real estate sales professionals to create authentic success by serving clients in the best possible way while increasing their dollar per hour so they may also enjoy their work and their life and the highest level.


Dennis Giannetti is 1 of 5 Master Ninja Selling Instructors in the World














Testimonial Video on Ninja Selling with Dennis 


Dennis May Offer:

Ninja Selling Installations

Ninja One Day Introduction Workshop

Ninja Half Day & Full Day Topic Workshops

The Double Your Income Workshop

For more information on how to implement this blueprint into your organization, contact us at


Create a Go-Giver Culture
Clarity. Focus. Alignment.

The Go-Giver is a national best selling business book by Bob Burg and John David Mann.  


The focus of the program centers around the 5 Laws of Stratospheric Sucess.


The program is perfect for creating blueprints for those in sales, leadership or in areas where negotiation or conflict resolution is needed.


Dennis Giannetti is a Certified Go-Giver International Speaker and Coach

Got Conflict? The Adversaries Into Allies Workshop is Perfect for Your Organization!

A Quick and Really Fun Overview of The Go-Giver






Strategic Intervention & Consultation uses the principles of Human Needs Psychology and Neuro-Associative Conditioning to create the mindset and the framework for increasing personal and organizational performance.


Strategic Intervention & Consultation consists of the same tools and methods used by world renowned business and life strategist, Tony Robbins


Strategic Intervention & Consultation would be a great fit for personal consultation, leadership retreats, and areas where there may be personal or organizational conflict or performance barriers.  It is the Ultimate Success Conditioning and Peak Performance Program.


Dennis Giannetti is a Certified Strategic Intervention Coach and Consultant through Tony Robbins Coach Training School, Robbins-Madanes Coach Training (RMT).

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In business it isn't just what we know or learn how to do, it is also whether whether we take that information, knowledge and ability and DO it.


Unfortunately, we are trained simply to learn and then "go get em'.  But this enthusiastic yet incomplete approach often fails to take into account the Inter-FEAR-ence we deal with in implementing what we know, remaining accountable, and creating momentum 

The Find Your Fight Peak Performance System uses our natural inclination to make choices based on what we feel is the best for us at the time, and transform that instinct so that we turn procrastination into progress and simple motivation into consistent momentum. 

Grounded in practical psychology, a proven, results oriented coaching process (A.M.P.E.D.) and supplemented with world renowned training programs on sales, value creation, influence and peak performance, the Find Your Fight System is an excellent choice for your next key note, training, management mastermind, or personal coaching efforts.

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