Ask the Expert: Buyers and A.C.E.S.

February 19, 2015

The following post originally appeared in The Florida Weekly


By Dennis J. Giannetti, MS

Chief Training Officer—Lang Realty



Question:  How do I help a buyer find properties more efficiently?



A lot of agents will spend a significant amount of time showing buyers’ property, often with no tangible results or contract at the end of the process.  This often happens for one of a few reasons.  For example:


  • Accepting generic search criteria based on features only.  For example: “I want a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage with a fence for $275,000.

  • Not asking questions to help the buyers clarify their emotional connection to their logical requests. For example: “You mentioned a fence in the back yard, is that for privacy or do you have pets, or...”

  • Not knowing WHY a buyer is choosing to move or the time frame they MUST make this move.

  • Not following a proven showing process


To simplify and make the buyer process more efficient, we will use the A.C.E.S process:




A  Assess what the client is looking for through the use of questions. 

  • It’s not what you say that matters it is what you ask that matters to them


C  Categorize the conversation from features to benefits.

  • How would you use a fourth bedroom?  Would you like a community pool so you can meet neighbors, or prefer the privacy of your own pool? 


E  Evaluate the categories to the product

  • Understand that the benefits of property features are emotional connections to the property as whole.  Don’t show a product that a buyer won’t connect with.


S   Select the product (s) that meet the evaluation criteria/standards

  • Be prepared to know everything, but don’t show everything.  Showing more confuses a buyer, but showing them what they will connect to gives them clarity.  And buyers with clarity make decisions! 



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