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Focusing on Success, not Sessions


Coaching and Conflict are both areas in which Results Matter.  The bottom line is that, whether you are trying to increase your bottom line, get to the top, balance your life, or improve one of your significant relationships, Results Truly Matter.  That is why my unique and proprietary coaching and conflict resolution services is one of the most efficient and effective methods to bring you the results you are looking for.  We don't focus on Sessions, we quickly and effectively provide the breakthroughs and action plans that lead to Success

Go-Giver Sales and Leadership Coaching


The Go-Giver and Go-Givers Sell More by Bob Burg and John David Mann are life and business changing books that have altered the way people see themselves and how they see doing business. Any sales professional, new or experienced leader knows that being able to effectivily inspire, influence and involve clients or team members can be at minimum a challenging task.


But what if you could you could truly "win clients and influence people?"  What if you could comfortably, but effectively get results with others without changing who you are or being seen as an adversary in the process of working together.


The Go-Giver Sales and Leadership Coaching Program will guide you in specifically applying the 5 Laws of Stratospheric Success to your business, your clients, in your relationships, and your life.  Dennis is a Licensed Go-Giver Speaker, Trainer and Coach



Strategic Life Coaching


What would it mean to have less stress, better relationships, be more confident, sleep better, feel more energy, or finally handle that issue that keeps stopping you from creating the life you truly desire?  


The Strategic Life Coaching Program is about breakthroughs.  The methods and strategies are grounded in a combination of Human Needs Psychology and Neuro-Associative Conditioning (NAC), both key strategies in the coach training methodologies used by world reknowned master coach Anthony Robbins.


As a Certified Strategic Intervention Coach with RMT Center, Dennis Giannetti brings a strategic approach to life coaching that not only helps you breakthrough the barriers that holds you back, but helps you create a blueprint to where you want to be.  This coaching is truly about success, not sessions.  You will not only find success, you will condition yourself to acheive it consistently.



Mediation and Conflict Resolution


Sometimes conflict finds us even when we are not looking for it.  Whether it is a divorce, business dispute, family issue, or group problem that needs to be facilitated; the mediation and conflict resoluton services will be of assistance in helping you focus on the solutions and not the stress of any particular problem.


Fast, affordable and effective, these services will at minimum save you time and money in the challenges you are facing with others, big or small.  And, you have the opportunity to decide for yourself, what the solution will look like.  You and the other parties make the decision together.


Dennis Gianneti is a certified mediator and holds a Masters of Science in Dispute Resolution.  He has been a conflict coach and mediator since 1996 and has taught numerous courses on conflict resolution for companies and colleges alike.



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