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What Will you do When Life Knocks You Down?

We must remember that not every day will be great. There will be challenges, some we never see coming!

But these are your tests. These are your tests. These are your moments to which you decide your value, your worth, and in many ways your destinty. All of this is within your power and often determined by a decision.

What will you decide when things get tough? What will you decide when life knocks you down? What decision will you make when time after time you can't seem to climb that wall you so desperately want to get over?

More will not solve your issues. You have always had enough. We forget that and it easy to let it slip our mind. But if what we have doesn't make us happy, what makes us think more will change that?

Unless you find peace, happiness and joy in what exists, you are not truly ready for what is possible.

Be grateful, appreciative, and giving in spite of hard times and what may seem like difficult people. Be open and flexible in approach, but enduring and persistent in what yo value and deeply believe.

Most of all, make friends with your authentic self and allow others to be who they truly are around you. And in such cases, that they aren't sure, be the light to their lost way and they will find you, and themselves in the process.

There will be challenges. And you will overcome. Believe.

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