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Value is in the Eyes of the Beholder

Value is in the Eyes of the Beholder

We often hear that we have to create more value in the sales process. It sounds great. But where do we start? Where does this "value come from?

A good start is to look at those whom you aspire to provide the value too. Here are some quick tips to get you started:

1. Put yourself in their shoes, not your wallet

Part of providing value is to make sure our intentions are priortized according to their needs, not just ours. In fact, theirs MUST come first. So, "Will this make money" or, Will this result in a sale" is not a bad question, it just isn't the best first question if your intent is to provide more value. Before you ask anything else, ask: "What can I or How may I provide more value to this client?" And you may determine this based in comparrison to what your competition delivers, though the first place to look is grounded in what your clients really and truly needs.

2. Be more interested than interesting—it’s about their needs, not just your wants

Too often in sales we think that we have to talk, talk, talk. We think that a connection happens when will fill the empty spaces with witty banter or clever phrases. Fact is, connection happens when you are more interested in your client and their needs than trying to be interesting to the client. Your wants will be the reward for your focus on meeting ther needs. The client will connect with you and you will increase your chances not only of satisfying the client and making a sale, but cultivating that relationship into future opportunties to meet the need of their friends they send you as referrals.

3. Value isn’t just a promise—you have to deliver

One of the biggest mistakes we see in sales is when the salesperson "brands" themselves with fabulous marketing pieces and presentation folders, BUT they don't deliever in their behaviors or actions. So, yes, what I am saying is that people you work with VALUE your delivering on your promises. Why? Because many don't. NOW, keep in mind, your promises have to be clear, your delivery must be on time, and if needed, communicate that you accomplished what you said you would. Don't look for praise, just deliver. (Praise is a nice bonus, but not the intent of a delivered promise)

When all is said and done, value will always be in the eyes of the beholder--your potential, current, and past clients that you serve. Knowing that, it only makes sense ta you take the time to set your intentions to their needs, show interest in their wants, and deliver on whatever it is you are promising.

Go-Giver Sells More Challenge: Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 in each of these three areas in delivering value. Whatever number you choose, ask yourself, what could I do to make this a "10"?

Walk in Your Value,


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