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Ask the Expert: Your Personal Real Estate Genie

The following post originally appeared in The Florida Weekly

By Dennis J. Giannetti, MS

Chief Training Officer—Lang Realty

Real Estate Genie

[Photo courtesy of Fanpop/Disney]


If I had 3 Wishes, what must I wish for to be successful in the Real Estate business?


The real estate agent has so many things that they presumably have to know in order to succeed. What makes it more complicated is that in addition to the many “musts” an agent needs to learn (technical elements, market, laws, ethics etc.), there are so many “shoulds” that are being thrown at them. Vendors and trainers for the industry are consistently offering the “next big thing” an agent needs to know when it comes to succeeding. For many, this overflow of shoulds can become overwhelming fast.

So, if you had a magic real estate genie and could ask for 3 wishes (things you MUST) be, do, or have to succeed, what would those 3 be? Those 3 wishes would include:

  • Mindset

  • Skill Set

  • Action

Your mindset is your personal psychology. More than 80% of your ability to succeed is based on your psychology. How you choose to see things, yourself and others makes a huge difference whether or not you will be committed to being successful.

A smaller yet very important element is your skill set. Your knowledge of the market, the process of selling a home, communicating, and negotiating, all make a difference when you are in the midst of a possible deal.

Of course, even with a fantastic mindset and the skills that get the job done, one must take action to truly succeed. A great psychology and skillset goes to waste without action, though, without the right mindset and skills, rarely is action taken. Make sense?

Here’s the catch; you need all three. If you’re often in a negative frame of mind—fearful, doubtful, or pessimistic, you won’t bother to learn or improve upon your skills. And, with a bad attitude and mediocre skills at best, even if you take action, you will only get so far. But even with a great psychology, you have to know what you’re doing or many of your actions will take you in the wrong direction. And, finally, if you are mentally ready and skillfully set, you need to take action—consistently. Not occasionally, but consistently. After all, even if you’re on the right track, you’ll just get squished if you’re standing still.

But, let’s not forget the genie. Metaphorically, this is the brokerage you choose to work with. What is the environment like? Do they have the leadership that understands and demonstrates the mindset necessary to succeed? Do they create and promote a positive work environment? Do they have excellent (not adequate) training that comprehensively at any level can improve your skill set and thus your business, income and confidence? And, are they your partners? Is your success their business or is their business simply to be successful, and you’re just a piece of that overall puzzle?

Sometimes getting your wishes to come true is just plain old luck. But for most in the real estate business, it starts with having the right genie (brokerage), making the right wishes, and using those wishes wisely so all your goals are reached and your dreams can come true!

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