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Motivation Won't Cut It

So many people search for the motivation to take their life to a different level. Notice, I didn't necessarily say, better or even "next" level. Many want improvement of some kind in their life, but few are willing to change in order to make that happen. So, often we will settle for "different". Not necessarily better or worse, just different. We replace improvement with movement and call it change. And, it is, but, not the change we really wanted. Just the change we accepted in a moment we grew tired of things "as they were". Movement however is not necessarily about growth. And, while the "pain of same" is enough to motivate us to take a "different" path, in reality, this motivation just won't cut it.


Because we are selling ourselves short. It is like standing on your feet so long that you want to sit down, and, upon doing so, you find comfort. But if comfort was the goal, why would anyone ever get off that couch? You wouldn't, unless of course, that becomes uncomfortable too. Though, most would simply change positons! (You know it's true!)

So, if not motivation, then what? The answer: Experience Momentum. Understand that the key to happiness and success is progress. And, while setting and reaching goals is taught and can be a successful endeavor, it falls short sometimes of creating that flow, that movement, that "consistent" experience of momentum that allows us to feel the progress we are making. Every day, week, month, experiencing the momentum that progress brings us toward an outcome we desire is significant to our success.

In short, Motivation is a feeling people often get when they want some part of their life to be different. Momentum is a feeling people experience as they consistently take actions that bring some level of progress. It's like my father once said when he went to a motivational seminar. He called me and I asked him how it was. He said: "It was great, I feel very motivated; to do what I have no idea." He felt motivation. He felt different. But when the feeling wore off, he didn't experience any momentum. Motivation won't cut it unless you take the steps to do it--to get things done. Progress, even a little bit each day will bring you more momentum than motivation ever will.

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