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Ask the Expert: Mastering the Inner Game

The following post originally appeared in The Florida Weekly

By Dennis J. Giannetti, MS

Chief Training Officer—Lang Realty

Super Agents

Question: What is the difference between a Super Agent and a Secret Agent?


When it comes to achieving your dream business or career, the decisions you make and actions you take will determine your overall chances that you have to turn your dreams into dollars and your passions into profits. But even in taking action, nothing matters more than your personal psychology. Why? Because to be successful at the highest levels, you MUST Win from Within. You have to master the inner game.

I have been involved in the real estate business since 1989 and since 2003, as a leader, coach, trainer and speaker. In that time, I have found one thing to be relatively consistent in this business; that is, that 80 percent of those in the business are often inconsistent. Coincidentally (or, likely not), 20 percent of the agents in this business tend to earn 80 percent of the money—and that IS relatively consistent. But why? What are those “super-agents” doing that the rest are not? What is their secret tool or hidden trick? Honestly? They master the inner game. They have a superior mindset that pulls them up when they have been knocked down. They have the emotional fitness and the psychological strength to drive forward when it is simply easier to sit, wait, and see what happens. They act by choice, not by chance and they respond to challenges not react to situations and problems. The Super-Agent knows that negativity is a crime and they will not allow negative people to steal their dreams. Will you?

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